Monday, August 13, 2012

Back In Action....First Day of School!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last week or so...but I've had a TON of stuff to get done before the school year started! You would think that I would have had it all prepared for as much as I worked this summer, but nooooooo! Haha! Plus, my Mother and the In-Laws came to visit this past weekend, so I had to get the house cleaned and prepped as well. CRAZINESS! But it's all done (it was a WONDERFUL weekend) and the school year has begun!

Since I'm EXHAUSTED...I'm just going to make a short post today. Everything went FANTASTIC today. I have the same students as last year, so I am super excited about that! It makes the beginning of the year so much they already know my classroom rules and expectations. The kids were very happy to be back at school. They say they get bored at home and love coming back to see everyone again. Overall, the day went great and I feel like we are of to a great start!

Here are a few pics of my room ... Not everything is as I want it yet, but that's ok! It looks pretty good so far I think! :)
Outside of Room (with two-way mirror looking into room)
Entrance View
Assistant's Desk / Behavior Chart & Rewards / Standard Chart
Student Notebook Boxes
Another View (Taken from back of room)
Student Bookshelf
Teacher Bookshelf
Bucket Filling
Buckets! :)
Main Bucket Full of Pom Poms
Reading Nook
Back Corner View (From Nook)
Another Angle
And Another... :)
My NEW rug came in at the end of the day! :)

Joining Tara at 4th Grade Frolics real quick for MONDAY MADE IT!

"Happy Birthday" straws
Back to School Treat
Dry Erase zone at each student's desk (iThink Pad)
Math Problem Solving Process (Used this last year, but redid it to look nicer)
Author's Purpose Bulletin Board
Hope everyone has a GREAT week! Happy New School Year to y'all! :)

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