Monday, July 30, 2012

Whooohoooo! It's Monday!!

Monday's have officially become my favorite day of the summer thanks to Tara's (4th Grade FrolicsFABULOUS  linky party: MONDAY MADE IT!
Before I get started, I wanted to give a special shout out to the people/companies that I utilized to make these wonderful creations!

Okey Dokey...let's get to it!

Project #1: Behavior Clip Chart
I blogged way back in my first few posts about how I saw this chart floating around Pinterest and that I was excited to add on to what I had already been doing in my classroom! Haha! Well...It seems as if everyone else in the teaching world has also caught the same excitement bug and there are so many AMAZING creations/variations out there! (Owls, Superheros, Baseball, etc.) So, I thought I would try to create my very own version! Here is what I came up with... :)
Closer view (before lamination)
After lamination...preparing to be hole punched
Hanging on the bathroom door by the Rewards display I wrote about last week!

Project #2: Math Workshop Bulletin Boards
This took FOREVER to accomplish! But it was so worth it... I wanted to create my own version of a math workshop rotation chart based on what I've seen out there in the blogging world. I think it turned out great! I will post soon with more specifics about how my Math Workshop is going to run...Stay tuned! 
My Math Wall!
Rotations Bulletin Board
Activities Bulletin Board
Project #3: Bathroom Vacant/Occupied Sign
Last week, I was perusing everyone else's Monday Made It's and I came across this genius idea! Unfortunately, I can't remember who posted about this last if you could let me know...I'll give you credit for it! :) I especially liked this idea because of the fact that I work with students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Half of my students cannot hear anything (even with aids), therefore, they cannot hear the bathroom fan running or a response to a knock. This will be so helpful to them!

Project #4: Star Student
Every Thursday/Friday, I am planning on having my students nominate a fellow classmate for the Superstar Student of the Week. I have a good idea on how I am going to go about this...and will be posting about it once the school year starts! This way I can have pictures of the process to share with y'all... This is what the Superstar Student of the Week will get to put on their chair for recognition (along with their picture posted in the hallway). 
Dollar find at Target...It was too long, so I cut the bottom half off of it due to my students having chair pockets. I didn't want the student to struggle getting their materials in and out of the pocket. Here is the final product:
Final Product!
So, those were all of my major projects...however, I wanted to share a cute little item that I will adding to my desk! I did put the rhinestones and vinyl lettering on myself! :) LOVE!

Off to stalk y'all's blogs...Can't wait to see all the goodies! :)

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