Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It! (Lots of goodies...)

It's Monday and I'm finally home from working all day in my classroom. I would have posted earlier in the day, but I had to give a training to some of my coworkers on how to use the ActivBoards early this morning.  Now I'm back and super excited to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics again for Monday Made It!

Classroom Project #1: Duck Taped Clipboard
The clipboards in my classroom are old, gross, and blah! So, I decided to get some duck tape to spruce my clipboard up! :)
Classroom Project #2: Duck Taped Hanging Files
This year I wanted to come up with a way to have my classroom materials for the day hanging on the wall near my ActivBoard (for easy access). I contemplated sewing my own hanging file holder, but then saw someone who duck taped theirs together and I knew that was the way to go...It was so easy to make!:)
Glue files on top of one another.

Duck Tape sides
Duck Tape inside opening of files
Glue front cover on
Create labels & put on tabs
Final Product hanging by my ActivBoard!
Classroom Project #3: BOGGLE wall
I am THRILLED to have a BOGGLE wall in my room! BIG shout out to Hilary at Rockin' Teacher Materials for sharing her BOGGLE letters! :) And a HUGE thanks to my lovely assistant for putting this together! I still have plans to put some sort of paper holder on the board for the worksheets, but that's a project for another day...

Classroom Project #4: Daily Visual Schedule
I revamped my visual schedule this year with ADORABLE doggy clip art from Scrappin' Doodles! And...No...All of the activities are NOT covered in one day! Haha...Keyboarding is only 2 days a week and Library is 1 day. These are magnets, so the schedule is easily switched around as necessary.

Can you spot last week's project?!
How cute are the doggies?! My kids will LOVE them!
Classroom Project #5: Common Core & TN Standards Display
I saw this on Pinterest over the weekend and I knew I HAD to make one for my room too! :) 

Classroom Project #6: Behavior Rewards 
In the past I've done a classroom store, but I have found that it takes up a lot more work (and money) than I decided to change it up this year. I have seen many different versions floating around Pinterest of reward catalogs/coupons (or whatever they are After searching around for a is what I came up with! (Unfortunately, we cannot do the favorite hat reward due to the possible issue of lice...booo! Oh well...there are still many cute prizes in there...)
I printed these in color, laminated them, and posted them on the wall near my behavior clip chart. The students will see these on display throughout the year and have the opportunity to choose from them when they have earned enough points through the behavior system.
Reward Display
Classroom Project #7: Welcome Sign
Last but not least...the Welcome Sign! (yet another Pinterest find) I revamped it using my superhero doggy clip art! :) (And yes...I know there is a typo on my is being fixed tomorrow, but I thought I would still share it anyways!) It is posted right by the entrance of my classroom.

PHEW! Now that that's done...I'm off to see what the rest of y'all made last week! Til next time... :)

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