Monday, June 25, 2012

Pintervention Party...

Before I head off to school to hopefully move into my new room (crosses fingers), I thought I'd link up with Heather for her Pintervention Party.


Since I was hard at work creating my Common Core Standards binder this past week, I didn't have much time to create anything new. However, I thought I'd put all the projects that I have completed this summer thus far and what's to come! 

Pinterest Inspiration:
Source: Deonna Wade
My Creation:
Front of Chair Pocket (books, folders, etc. go into pink pocket)

Back of Chair Pocket (canvas part goes over back of chair)
This is a chair pocket that I made! (Not to shabby for my first time sewing!) It is made with canvas and sheet material. I am going to be making one for each of my students (I only have 7, so it shouldn't take too long...). Pink for the girls and sky blue for the boys. This will provide my students with another way to become more organized. Now, they won't have to try to cram all their textbooks, workbooks, folders, notebooks, etc. into their desk. I am planning on personalizing them as well. I will be uploading the final "FINAL" products as soon as they are complete! :)

#2: FOLDABLE FLOOR PILLOW SEATS (For Learning Centers/Games)
Pinterest Inspiration:
My Creation:
3 Standard Pillows (sewn together)
Easily Folded for Easy Storage
Another View :)
I don't know what to call them exactly (Foldable Floor Pillow Seats??)... Anyhow, it is a simple project of sewing pillow cases together, stuffing them, and sewing them shut. SO EASY!! I created these so my students can use them when they are doing activities that involve sitting on the floor (learning centers, games, reading, small group work etc.) These will be much more comfortable than sitting on hard tile flooring and can seat up to 3 students at once. 

Pinterest Inspiration:
Source: The scrapNdiva
My Creation:
My Creation... :)
This was so simple and I know the kids will LOVE it! It will be a good way to have a larger selection of work on display in my classroom as I do not have a ton of wall space available. It can also serve as student portfolios as I have tab dividers in there, so each student has their own section!  :)

Pinterest Inspiration:
Source: Jack of All Trades
My Creation:
My Cover
My Document Forms
This is another way to hold students accountable for their work. Each student has their own tab with a form in it. When they forget their homework, they need to go to their tab, write the date, name of assignment, and reason for incompletion. This will be a great way to have students take responsibility for their work and will be used for Parent-Teacher conferences to show homework trends. Cool, huh?!

Upcoming Project of the Week: Revamp My Author's Chair
Pinterest Inspiration:

Source: Laurie Cole Designs
Obviously, my creation will be no where close to this FABULOUS creation, but I hope it turns out semi-cute! Lol... I'm not an animal print fan, so mine will probably consist of polka-dots and stripes or something...We shall see! :)

Can't wait to see what everyone else has created, so link it up!

Adios Amigos...


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