Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Project Day! (Student Work Display & Learning Center Game)

Well...I am off to get some supplies to craft some Pinterest Projects! I will be updating this post later this evening. (Hopefully with some final products! :))

However, before I leave I just had to post some adorable pics of my babies from this morning...Enjoy! :)
I rolled over this a.m. to this sweet face cuddled up beside me :)

This one LOVES to sleep under the I whipped them off...

She was not too enthusiastic to be woken up...Haha...
MAJOR bedhead/whisker alert!!

 *********************************U P D A T E********************************
I'm back...and I am proud to say that I finished my first two Classroom Pinterest Project of the Summer!! :)
Original Source 
This was so simple and I know the kids will LOVE it! It will be a good way to have a larger selection of work on display in my classroom as I do not have a ton of wall space available. It can also serve as student portfolios as I have tab dividers in there, so each student has their own section!  :)
Learning Center Game
I saw this floating around Pinterest, but for some reason can't find the source...but anyways...This can be used in many ways. Vocabulary/Spelling Review, Reading Comprehension, Science & Social Studies questions, etc. Students roll 2 dice and they have to answer whatever is in that section. I have labeled the numbers on the sides of the sections, so there is no confusion of which is the correct section that goes with the number they rolled. I think the students will really enjoy this new game! :)

I also went shopping and found some fantastic things for my classroom for only $1 each...Can't get any better than that! Here is what I found:
Fly Swatters for Learning Centers/Games
These are going to be used during times of learning centers/games. You can use these for any subject area! For example: Lay vocabulary/spelling words on the ground or wall and call the word or definition, the students have to hit the correct match with the fly swatter. So fun! I got two colors, so they could be in teams. Obviously, some ground rules would need to be reviewed about what we are hitting (The words, NOT our friends! Haha!) This could also be used for mental math activities: basic facts, equivalent fractions, simple story problems, etc. Lots of fun to be had with these! :)
Bucket Filler Buckets!!
I've talked about the Bucket Filling concept in my post about my Behavior Tracking Binders. These are going to be my student's 'buckets.' When they get full, they will get popcorn for a snack! The kids LOVE popcorn, so this will be a huge motivator for them! :)

Okey dokey! That's what I accomplished today...Hopefully I will get to a project that involves sewing tomorrow! :) 



  1. Whoa-I LOVE the student work display! That is genius-totally adding it to my list of stuff to make for next year!

    Will Grade For Coffee

    1. Yay! Glad you like it! :) I have some more projects in the works, so stay tuned...Will be posting those either tonight or tomorrow!:)

      Ramblings of a Deaf Ed Teacher's Mind...