Saturday, June 23, 2012

Celebration! Common Core Standards & No Homework Binder

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you

As you can see...I'm celebrating! Yesterday, I officially received news on what class I am going to be teaching...and... (drumroll) I got 6th grade! Whooohoooo! (doing a happy dance!) I've taught a 5/6 classroom for the past two years (prior to that, I taught 6-12 in Michigan), so this will be the first time I get to have ONE grade level and I'm super EXCITED! :) Also, I get to keep my lovely assistant (happy clapping) who puts up with my craziness everyday! We have such a blast together! :) And last, but not least...I get to move into a bigger classroom! YES! Needless to say, I am a very happy camper! :)

Anyhow, on a more serious note, I've been hard at work his week. I was inspired by Amanda, over at Teaching Maddeness (who is absolutely fabulous and has so many great ideas!), to create a document that was solely devoted to grade 6 standards. I did something like this last summer for 5/6, but it was not as simplified as this formatting, so I decided to revamp my old version into something similar to hers!

Let me tell y'all...Holy Smokes! Obviously, I know there are a lot of standards to cover, but it seems like a TON when you are retyping them all into a separate document. Copy/Pasting wasn't an option, due to the formatting of the original documents, as it would highlight other grade areas at the same time. :( But, after 3 days of creating tables, typing furiously, and color coding, I finally finished! It was so worth the effort...24 pages of blood, sweat and tears ;) I printed them off, put them into sheet protectors, and place them into my teacher binder to reference throughout the year. 

This is what I included in my document:

  • English Language Arts Common Core College & Career Readiness Anchor Standards
  • Common Core English Language Arts Standards
  • Common Core Mathematics Overview
  • Common Core Mathematical Practices 
  • Common Core Mathematics Standards
  • Tennessee Social Studies Standards (GLE's & SPI's)
  • Tennessee Science Standards (GLE's & SPI's)

Cover Page
ELA Common Core Anchor Standards
ELA Common Core Standards

Math Overview

Mathematics Common Core Standards

TN Social Studies Standards
TN Science Standards
Now that this is DONE...I can really get started on my interactive notebooks!
Cool feature about having these in sheet protectors is that I can highlight with a dry erase marker the standards I've covered as the year progresses. A visual way to keep track of what has been accomplished! :)

Lastly... I created another resource to use in my classroom yesterday. It was inspired from Pinterest and I just had to create one for myself! I think it will be very helpful in my classroom this year...It is the NO HOMEWORK BINDER
Document Forms
This is another way to hold students accountable for their work. Each student has their own tab with a form in it. When they forget their homework, they need to go to their tab, write the date, name of assignment, and reason for incompletion. This will be a great way to have students take responsibility for their work and will be used for Parent-Teacher conferences to show homework trends. Cool, huh?!
Well...that about sums up what I've done this past week... Now that I officially know that I will be teaching 6th grade, I can truly DIVE into planning for next school year! :)

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend! 


  1. I'm liking the No Homework Binder-that's a HUGE problem for my 6th graders!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  2. Congratulations on getting one grade level - grade 6.

    All that work on those standards. I am sooooooo thankful that I don't have to worry about stuff like that.