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Behavior Tracking Binders

Okay...Here we go...Blog post #2! :) All about my approach to behavior management/tracking in my classroom. I will be reviewing the different components of my new Behavior Tracking Binder that my students will be utilizing this year! 
New Behavior Tracking Binders

For the past few years I have kept track of student behaviors via my own binder that had a tab for each student, where I added the necessary information. The students were in charge of keeping track of their own behavior (in regards to our classroom color chart) on individual calendars, but I ended up with most of the data keeping. Being that I teach at the 5/6 grade level, I think it is really important to teach students to take more responsibility for their behavior. So, instead of only me keeping track of the data, I am giving each of my students a binder in which they will keep track of their own behavior. 

Before I show you the parts of the student binders, let me briefly describe the history and updated thoughts of my classroom management system. 

In the past...
  • I have always used a color chart system in my classroom (green, yellow, orange, and red). This system has worked really well and motivates my students. 
  • My students each have a calendar posted on a bulletin board in the classroom that they color daily to record their behavior. (Keep in mind that I teach at a school for the deaf, so number of students in each class is typically lower. I had 9 students this past year, so posting on bulletin boards is an easy visual for my students)
  • I've had a classroom economy in which the colors were worth a certain amount of money and the students were able to earn money based off of their behavior. At the end of the month (after paying rent/utilities), they were able to go to the classroom store to buy fun items. Let me tell you...while this seems like a great concept...it is A LOT of work! So I've decided to change up my system a bit for next year. 

Updated thoughts...
  • I am going to continue with the color system, but add colors to the top of my chart. I found this clip chart by Rick Morris floating around on Pinterest (such an addicting site!). I am going to utilize this chart and tweak it a bit (Everything is already in the works...) I will inform you of all the details in the future once the chart/system is created and I have pictures to share! :) [hint...the preview of the chart is on the cover of the binder ;) ]
  • What I love about the additional colors on top of the chart is that it has a place for students to demonstrate positive behaviors, not just the negative. It will really give them something to work for!
  • A few weeks ago, I was checking out Scholastic Teacher Blogs and came across Beth Newingham's article about Bucket Filling. <-- Click link to see article. From that article, I went to the original site Bucket Fillers and I fell in love with the concept! (which is why you will see it is a component of my student's behavior binders) I am excited to incorporate Bucket Filling into my classroom management system this coming year!

Alright...enough rambling about classroom management systems...onto the main reason for this post: BEHAVIOR TRACKING BINDERS!!

Student Behavior Tracking Binders
As I stated earlier, I want my students to take more responsibility for keeping track of their own behavior, so this is what I've created:

There are four main tabs: (Each is described/shown in more detail below)
  1. Behavior Chart Tracking
  2. Bucket Filling
  3. Weekly Assessment
  4. Contracts & Reflections
Binder Tabs

Behavior Chart Tracking
This is a simple sheet (front/back) that allows students to keep track of their behavior based upon the color clip chart. This form has an entire 9 week grading period on one sheet. The front has days of the week and a small space for comments below each week. The back provides more space for comments if necessary. Comments can be from both student and teacher explaining reasons for behavior, if necessary. 

Behavior Chart Tracking Form

My students will continue to color their individual calendars as well, but since there is no place to write comments on their calendars, I thought this was simple, quick way to track their behavior with the added space for comments.

Here is my bucket filling component of the binder. If you have not read the above articles/links that I posted above, I highly recommend it! This portion of the binder will make much more sense! Students will fill out the "I am a Bucket Filler" form each day (that's the goal - can be filled out at various times of the day) in order to fill their peers as well as their own buckets. I know my students will love this component of the new classroom management system!

I am a Bucket Filler! I filled _______'s bucket today by...

Student Weekly Assessment
I got this idea from a fabulous teacher, Mrs. Angela Bunyi! I am a member of Scholastic and love looking at their teacher blogs. Angela's Scholastic blog is full of great information and her classroom website is such a wonderful place for resources, which is where I got this particular idea!

Students fill out a form at the end of the week that assess their participation, behavior, and effort in the classroom. They rate themselves on a scale of 1 through 4 in various areas. They also write the best thing they did that week, what they are proud of, a goal for next week, and did they achieve their goal from the week prior. Teachers provide comments and a copy is sent home for parents to review, comment, and sign.

I look forward to this process! I love how it holds students accountable for their behavior and really has them thinking about their school work as a whole.

Student Weekly Assessment

Contracts & Reflections 
(**Hopefully, not many of these will need to be used, but I included a few copies in the student binders, just in case.**)
Our school began implementing the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) system last year. With this program, documenting behaviors/incidents and interventions is important. So, last year, I created an incident report form (a revamped version based off of our schools older model and other school samples) to keep track of persistent behaviors/incidences and interventions provided. Basically this form holds teachers/staff accountable for providing interventions for student behaviors before sending them to the office. Documentation of at least 3 different intervention types is necessary before sending them 'up the chain'. (This form is for mild/moderate persistent behaviors. There are severe behaviors that can occur that obviously do not require 3 interventions prior to reporting to the office).

Incident/Interventions Form (NOT included in student binders. Only in my binder)
One of the interventions listed on this form is a behavior contract. This is a contractual agreement between a teacher and student that list the expectations of the student and teacher as well. Upon completion of the end of the contract, teacher provides student with reinforcement agreed upon. 

Behavioral Contract

Another intervention that can be utilized is the Behavior Reflection Flow Map. Our school utilizes a program called Thinking Maps and a colleague (who resigned at the end of the school year to be able to obtain her doctorates...boohoo...I will miss her!) gave me a paper copy of an old behavior flow map that she found before she left. It was kind of beat up, so I had my assistant remake the flow map to give it a fresher look and added it to the binder. Oddly enough, I did this prior to joining Pinterest and have since then seen that older flow map floating around. How cool is that?! Here is the link to the original creator of this flow map --> (www.lauracandler.com)

Behavior Reflections Flow Map

That's All Folks! 
Whew...That is a lot of information to write! I hope everything makes sense and didn't bore any of you. Sometimes when you write a lot, things tend to become all jumbled together. I would love to hear feedback (thoughts/opinions) if you have any :)

Now I'm off to work on by summer binder. It is full of things to do to prep for next school year! For those who think a teacher gets 2 full months of summer vacation with nothing but lounging around by the pool...they are sadly mistaken! Lol...work, work, and more work! :)

Ta-Ta for now!



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